Film Agency

FilmCentrum has members throughout the country and mediates hundreds of assignments annually. Our members are professional film workers from various professional groups in the field of film. We mediate filmmakers for film screenings, lectures and workshops.

Assignments mediated through us follow the Swedish Writers’ Association’s fee recommendations. If you as a filmmaker yourself administer and charge for assignments, we remind you of their general advice below.
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– The starting point is that all assignments must be remunerated.

– When you receive a fee, it is important to know if the fee is paid as salary or against an invoice. If it is paid as salary, does the fee include social security contributions? If it is paid against an invoice (only applies if you are an F-taxpayer), is the appearance subject to VAT or not?

– Always draw up a written agreement. If the assignment has been agreed via e-mail, the e-mail conversation is to be regarded as a written agreement.

– Specify the content and scope of the assignment. How many participants? For how long? What are the expectations of you as a contractor? Does the audience pay a participation or entrance fee? Will the event / assignment be filmed or recorded?

– Agree on the number of hours.

– Agree on compensation for travel and possible accommodation.

Remuneration corresponding to allowances can and should be added for assignments that involve overnight stays and/or involve a greater period of time.

– Agree on what will apply if the client cancels the event. When the client cancels an assignment, you are entitled to reasonable compensation based on the agreed fee and your costs incurred. And what should apply if you yourself need to set up?

– Keep in mind that assignments that involve something more than the appearance itself justify a higher fee.

The Theater Association has produced a fee recommendation for artistic work within the Creative Schools Program.


Presentation film / corporate film and event film

There are many occasions when organizations demand film; to explain, clarify, exemplify, problematize or engage with activities and services. With hundreds of experienced and competent filmmakers in our network of contacts, we can guarantee professional productions. No matter where you are in the process, if you need help with the idea or if you have a finished script, if you value an artistic interpretation or want a strict presentation – do not hesitate to contact us!

Based on the information that you provide in your request, we will return with suggestions for filmmakers together with CV, show reel and cost suggestions.